The Marinšek Inn

The Marinšek guest house is renowned for its 70 years of traditional home cuisine, which satisfies even the most refine tastes. The culinary offer also includes international cuisine and a large selection of quality wines.

Marinšek guest house can accommodate over 300 guests and the following rooms are available:

  • The central area - 100 people
  • Special room - 90 people
  • Winter-summer terrace - 70 people
  • Smaller room - 30 people
  • Terrace - 40 people


Due to the large capacity of available space, the guest house is also appropriate for organization of business meetings, celebrations, wedding parties and for entertaining a larger number of people. Our first priority of the well-being of our guests, therefore we can adapt our offer according to the taste and financial capabilities of an individual or a group.

Opening hours of the guest house are every day between 07.00 and 24.00.


Information and reservations:

M: +386 51 38 88 30 (Serving Leader)